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Consultancy, Emotion Quantification and much more.


We understand that the needs of individual businesses differ. As a result, we offer a wide range of services ranging from consultancy to brain imaging. For us to meet your specific interests, please contact us to enable us to determine which service you require.


At Neuroconsulting Australia we understand how the brain functions during the processing of brands and products. Although the brain is complex, our knowledge and expertise allow for a simpler understanding. Specifically, the team at Neuroconsulting Australia are specialised in the field of of non-conscious information processing in the human brain.

Emotion Quantification - Startle reflex modulation

Startle reflex modulation allows for an insight into your consumer’s mind like never before. If you are wondering what emotion your brand or product elicits, then a well designed startle reflex modulation study will provide you with the answers you seek. This method is the most cost effective approach to understanding how your consumers think about your product.

How can we apply our technology to your business?

Evaluative conditioning 

You want to associate your products or even the entire brand with positive emotions and measure the impact? We can design a startle reflex modulation study for you to test different positive emotion categories associated with your products or brand to define the ones that elicit the most positive emotion.


Sensory Marketing

Allow us to quantify the emotion of your clients. The application of our startle reflex modulation technology can be implemented at any stage of the product life cycle. Simply as provide us with a few images of your products or alternatively, give us real product versions to use to create a study for you. This enables us to provide you with a pleasantness rating of your product. Using this information, you will be able to see which of your solutions were the most positively rated.


Advertisement testing

You plan to run a new campaign? No matter whether it is a flyer, or any other print media or even a TV commercial. Let us test your solutions by designing a startle reflex modulation study for you to know which of your ideas is the most promising.