Measuring Nonconscious Attitudes

New to Australia! Let us show you how neuroscience can make your products or brand more profitable.

Why Neuroscience?

Have you ever wondered why consumers prefer one brand over another and whether or not you can change your consumers’ attitudes? Well, you’re not the first to ask these questions and you’ve come to the right place. Neuroscience can offer an insight into the non-conscious processes governing consumer behaviour


Get the insight you've been missing

Measures that require a conscious response, such as surveys, often do not provide an accurate insight into the mind of the consumer because people are either not willing to tell the truthor they simply don’t know how to convey their emotions


Uncover the Unconscious

Neuroscience taps into the nonconscious. Without asking a single question, neuroscience can provide a quantitative measure of raw emotion ensuring that the consumers’ responses are always truthful

Leverage Neuroscience

Neuroscience also allows us to improve the perception of your product or brand giving you the edge of your competitors. Finally discover whether your product tastes, looks, feels, and smells better than that offered by your competitors

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